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Apr-21-2009 By admin

Hiya! I’m happy to see you again on my homepage! My readers often ask me why do I create yaoi hentai movies. What’s my main goal and who help me during my creative process? I’ll tell you. For me, sexy anime guys became a form of self-expression. I enjoy creating their smooth sexy bodies, tight arses and big throbbing pricks. My boyfriend often inspire for for some new creations, and I won’t tell you how 😛 I just love gay yaoi anime and I hope’ll share my feelings. So, let’s plunge into the world of hardcore gay yaoi anime and enjoy it if full. My gay hentai movies are at your service!

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Yaoi hentai movies

Apr-21-2009 By admin

I greet you, dear stranger! Welcome to my small confy community fully dedicated to all kinds of gay hentai movies! My new movie was named “Fucking & Pumping”. It narrates about sexy anime guys who use to make wild orgies and debauched parties. The movie contains a few hardcore scenes with BDSM shade and lots of gay sexual intercourses. Well, if you are into enjoying hardcore yaoi hentai movies, then just jump in and grab my works. I hope these sweet anime guys with narrow assholes and huge eyes will fulfill your desires. my dear friend. Welcome!

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Apr-21-2009 By admin

I wanna say hello to you again, guys! Those of you who read my blog sinse its beginning know that I’m a painter. I use to draw anime, pretty good gay anime. However, currently I’m carried away by creating gay anime nude movies. My gay hentai movies may be not so “professional” as they are on DVDs, but they are uncensored, sincere and I hope exciting. Well, I want to give you the right to judge. Have a look at my new creation and tell me what you think about this movie. If this clip is too short, you can always grab the full version on my official website! The link to my yaoi gallery is below.

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Sexy anime guys in my new movie

Apr-21-2009 By admin

Greetings on my homepage, the biggest archive of doujinshi gay hentai movies! My new movie illustrates my favorite sexual position *blush*. I wish I were in both guys’ places! This short clip is a part of pretty large movie which narrates about Galactic rangers Kevin and Bruno who defend Milky Way from the space pirates. Of course, these sexy anime guys cannot resist the temptation and thrust their space dicks in each other’s narrow buttholes. Their frictions make the universe shake! Well, if you are into downloading this full-lenth movie, please do not be too shy and grab it from my official website fully dedicated to hardcore gay hentai. Origato!

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Hello guys! I decided to give some more tease for you :)) This is the other part of my new homemade hardcore gay hentai movie “Honeypot guys”. It narrates about sexy anime guys who spend their time pumpin’ each other’s tight bohemian holes. Once a newbie gets there, he gets into trouble, ’cause those crazy guys make’im their helpless powerless victim and use his innocent butt to the max. Check out my homemade hardcore gay hentai movies, and I’m sure you’ll love them!

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I’m a little bit tired of BDSM gay anime, ain’t you? Let’s plunge into the world of sexy anime guys humpin like rabbits and loving each other. Let’s watch them thrusting their pricks in each other’s tight assholes and swallowing huge loads of each other’s jizz. What could be better than sexy anime guys in hardcore gay hentai? I draw hardcore gay hentai myself, so I invite you to be my quest and have a look at my “doujinshi” gay hentai movies. It means “homemade” and I’m really proud of these vids.  What would you say about them?

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Gay hentai movies

Apr-20-2009 By admin

Hey there! Today I want to shock you a bit 🙂 My new long-expected (I hope) update is dedicated to extreme violence in hardcore gay hentai, so get your systems loaded for something really shocking and exciting 😉 My new gay hentai movies were made for those who’d like to find out all the best of brutal gay hentai brought together, so now you shall not surf all the Net to find your favorite gay hentai movies, all you have to do is jump in, download them and simply enjoy! And note: I’m always happy to see you on my homepage!

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My homemade hardcore gay hentai

Hardcore gay hentai

Apr-20-2009 By admin

Hola! My new movie narrates about Michel – hot anime guy who’s never tried gay sex before. He is pretty shy and extremely sexy and he loves swallowing huge loads of his botfriend’s jizz. Michel is an amateur guy, so never ever miss the way he loses his anal virginity among the crowd of lustful nude anime guys. I tried to make this movie really hardcore, it mixes sensitive beauty of anime and hardcore sexuality of true hardcore gay hentai. Thus, I hope you will love the trailer below and download the full-lenth version! Enjoy my little sexy anime guy who undergoes cruel sexual tortures over and over again 😉

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My Xtreme yaoi gallery

Apr-20-2009 By admin

I always loved drawing brutal gay hentai… Cute anime guys moan like male whores when get their assholes drilled and tortured… And all these cruel rape and humiliation scenes – they are so sexy! Mostly I dream about crowd of hot anime guys undergoing cruel painful tortures in hundreds of gay hentai movies! I’ll try to realize this fantasy in the nearest time! What I already have is big archive of the hottest gay hentai movies on the net, and you are welcome to check it out, guys! But be careful, this yaoi gallery is rather extreme and merciless!

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Brutal gay hentai

Apr-15-2009 By admin

Hey! I’m Mike and I’m glad to greet you on my homepage! This blog is fully dedicated to yaoi hentai movies! I do love gay anime nude vids, I wish I was there either to pump somebody’s tight butt, or to offer my own ass for being drilled… I use to draw anime, and not so long ago I tried to create anime movies. Now I’m happy to ask you to have a look at my doujinshi (homemade) yaoi hentai movies. I’ve drawn over 300 full-lenth movies and established two big movie archives already, so guys please jump in and download’em 🙂 Mostly, I use to pay attention to brutal gay hentai with rape and humiliation scenes, so if you are not scared, you are welcome to have a look! I hope these vids will make your horny enough to write me a comment…

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